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How to Find The Perfect Loctician

Things to consider:


If you are looking for a certain type of look, it’s best to search a potential locticians current photos. Before and after pics are best. Consider consistency in the photos. Photos should be authentic and not a copy of someone else’s work. Ask to see photos of their past work experience. Get photos of your desired look as well to show the loctician to see if its something they can do/ provide.

Does the photo(s) look like the same persons work, environment, hands, etc?

Ratings & Reviews

Examine the locticians reviews to see what others are saying about their work or customer service. Reading their past experiences gives an idea of what to expect. Make sure the reviews are not in a space the loctician can alter like their own website, they can change the words. Always read reviews from a reliable source like Yelp, Google Reviews and Everybodys Locs. Read more than three reviews to get an overall sense of the loctician before scheduling an appointment. Reviews on the specific service you are looking for is even better.


If you are able to speak with loctician directly, ask questions to see if the loctician is giving one word answers or full explanations about the service.

Does he or she give advice and care instructions?

Will the loctician examine your hair to determine specifics before service?

Are they concerned about the health of your hair or only interested in the sale?

Other Questions to ask:

How long have you been doing this service( not just locs but the specific service).

How do I take care of it?

Is my hair suitable for this specific service?

Professionalism/Customer Service

It’s more to locs than just the service. There can be many things to consider to make the service run smoothly from beginning to end. Often times, appointments can go over other scheduled appointments which is normal. Will the loctician consider your time and adjust changes accordingly? Making sure the loctician has everything they need to complete the job can be hard since you are the client. But you can see if they are organized, have a positive attitude, whether they are rushing through your appointment or taking the time to add extra care and love, this all makes a difference in your experience.

Both you and the loctician are responsible to give you what you need and what you paid for. Make wise selections when choosing a loctician.