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U Natural Hair Dreadlock Training Loft Presents.....

Hands On & Online Live Stream Loc Repair Courses

There is no reason why any Loctician should lack skills in Loc Repair..Only to be restricted to Retwists Starters Locs and Styles, which will NOT provide the income fulfillment or customer loyalty you need…

The U Natural Hair Training Loft located in Midtown Detroit, offers this course to help you up your Game in Loc Services.

Stylists and Locticians who wish to expand their service portfolio, can do so with this course in several hours.

Learn the tools and techniques to further your Loc Repair Career!

Your Instructor: Yesha Nashiym-El

Increase your Income in Locs ~ Improve Your Game ~ Slay Your Success

4 hours of comprehensive instruction!

Get Live Hands-on or Fully Interactive Instruction Online-Ask Questions and Receive feedback LIVE!


The Online Course Enrollment Includes Two – 30 minute one on one zoom consults for problems or snag!

The Hands On Course Includes work opportunities and marketing to begin making money Immediately!


3 slots per HANDS ON session
15 slots* available per ONLINE LIVE STREAMED session

Loc Repair Course

Topics Covered:

Basic Techniques for Locs Gone Wrong

  1. How to Repair Thinning Locs with or without human hair
  2. How to Reattach Broken Locs with or without human hair
  3. How to Trim/Cut/Close Ends
  4. How to extend an existing loc with human hair
  5. Combining Locs

You will first be taught a series of information before learning how to deal with dreadlocks at different levels. Once the first steps have been taken, you’ll be able to practice working with locs hands on for each segment of the course.

Once you have completed the course, you will complete tasks on your mannequin and send video or live zoom to show results.

Hands On Course

4 hrs – $350


U Natural Hair Dreadlock Training Loft
609 E. Kirby Street
Detroit, MI 48202

Materials and Mannequin Kit Provided at Class

Each Hands On Course Includes work opportunities and marketing to begin making money Immediately!

Lay A Way Plan for Hands on Course

Online Live Video Stream

4 hrs – $350

This is for a Scheduled and Timed ONLINE LIVE VIDEO EVENT, THIS IS NOT PRE-RECORDED ON-DEMAND VIDEOS. It’s 4 – 1 hour Live Sessions to get One to One Like instruction.

A U Natural Loc Repair Course Prepared Mannequin Kit(everything included to learn repairs) will be sent to you for performing Repair Techniques for Online Video Stream required (must have received before your scheduled class date and time). Your mannequin will come looking as though she needs everything specific to this course! You will learn by repairing all her problems and submitting a video of all the problems fixed. 

Also Included:

2 – 30 Minute One One Zoom Sessions to make sure you individually have it down

*Slots for Online Courses  are limited to 15 STUDENTS PER COURSE session, however the system allows for unlimited. We will cut off registration at 15 and anyone who registers afterwards has 2 options:
1- re-register for a later course  or
2 – receive a full refund since its  not your fault you missed a slot. You can always re register at a later date.
We apologize, they will not allow us to automatically limit the number of registered users. We chose to keep it small to ensure each online user really does receive the focused help they need.